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BRAF - Bioraffinerie alimentate con biomasse residuali




The research activity concerns the study of residual biomass as a renewable source for high added-value chemicals. In particular, biomass derived products for industry are investigated in place of compounds from fossil sources. The aim is the development of a biorefinery for waste valorization.  Residual biomass include municipal waste, agricultural residues and food wastes. The two main research topics are:

1)       Isolation and characterization of humic-like substances from residual biomass and their application in place of commercial compounds. These substances are characterized by NMR, FT-IR, ICP AES. They can be employed as fertilizers, emulsifiers, for soil remediation, and for the synthesis of new biopolymers, as described in the following figure: 



2) Enabling technologies for biomass valorization: biomass is converted into high added-value products through microwave-assisted processes or with ultrasound. These new technologies allow milder reaction conditions and decrease the reaction time, with respect to the conventional ones. Biomass derived products such as green solvents, platform chemicals and biopolymers can be obtained with more sustainable processes. In addition, biobased products can be further  into other chemicals or used as solvents for microwave-assisted reactions. Batch conditions are then transferred to flow experiments, paving the way for industrial scale-up.


Prodotti della ricerca

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