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Fast, reliable and cost effective boron hydride based high capacity solid state hydrogen storage materials

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01/04/2012 - 30/09/2015
Marcello Baricco

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BOR4STORE proposes an integrated, multidisciplinary approach for the development and testing of novel, optimised
and cost-efficient boron hydride based H2 storage materials with superior performance (capacity more than 8 wt.% and
80 kg H2/m^3) for specific fuel cell applications.
Building on the results of past and ongoing EC funded projects on H2 storage, BOR4STORE aspires to tackle the S&T
challenges that still hinder the practical use of the extremely attractive boron hydrides. The technical objectives of the
project reflect an innovative and carefully designed strategy involving
  • (a) new methods for the synthesis and modification of stable and unstable boron hydrides, as well as their combinations
    resulting in Reactive Hydride Composites and eutectic mixtures,
  • (b) systematic and rationalised investigation of the effect of special catalysts and additives, and
  • (c) adaptation of scaffolding concepts,
in an attempt to use all possible ways for understanding and tailoring the key aspects of boron hydrides H2 storage
performance (storage capacity, reaction pathways and enthalpies, hydrogenation/dehydrogenation kinetics, cycling


Report Summaries
Total cost: EUR 4.070.711,30
EU contribution: EUR 2.273.682
Coordinated in: Germany
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