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Plastic-H: Towards an efficient treatment and valorization of plastic-waste nanoparticles: Hydrogen production by plastic electrolysis

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€ 7100
01/01/2020 - 31/12/2022
Prof.ssa Monica Passananti

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The main goal of this project is to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste micro/nano-particles by their collection and further transformation into a clean and environmentally friendly energy carrier: hydrogen.
To this date, it is well known that plastics are ideal for a wide range of applications, mainly due to their low cost and versatility. However, their use contributes to an ever-expanding disposal challenge. Hence, in this project we propose, for the very first time, to valorize the plastic waste by its transformation into hydrogen. To this date it is well known that H2 is an excellent energy carrier, which is expected to play a key role in recent and future energy systems, such as fuel cells. Compared to traditional fossil fuels, such as oil-based fuels (gasoline and diesel) and natural gas, hydrogen is a clean and environmentally benign fuel.
The production of H2 from plastic waste might not only support the clean-up campaigns and drive investments on methods to remove plastics form the oceans, but could also promote energy recovery from plastic and reduce the landfill waste.


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