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Astro Chemical Origins

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€ 4.138.452,54
01/05/2019 - 01/05/2023
Piero Ugliengo

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Descrizione del progetto

The project ACO (AstroChemical Origins) has two main objectives: 1) to unveil the early history of the Solar System, using the chemical composition of today forming Solar-like planetary systems and comparing it with that of the Solar System primitive bodies; 2) to train a new generation of researchers able to tackle this highly interdisciplinary problem, providing them with a widerange of transferable skills, including the ability to communicate Science to a large audience.
This will be obtained by setting up: (a) a coordinated network of PhD research projects which will be carried out by 17 ESRs under the supervision of members of the ACO Beneficiaries; (b) a structured secondment network, to expose ESRs to alternative research environments; (c) a significant exposure of ESRs to the non-academic sector, via PhD co-supervision, secondment, short visits and training from non-academic ACO Beneficiaries and Partners; (d) specific courses at the host institutions as well as network schools with specialized interdisciplinary and transferable skills courses; (e) international conferences open to the scientific community; (f) several activities to make ACO network and its science known to the general public.


Bando di ricerca: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018
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