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Assessing the chemical/microbiological contamination and productivity in the agricultural production chain of model fruit species grown under irrigation with different kinds of reclaimed wastewater

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Settore ERC
LS9_5 - Food biotechnology and bioengineering
PE4_5 - Analytical chemistry
01/05/2016 - 31/07/2019
Prof. Maria Concetta Bruzzoniti

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Descrizione del progetto

The project deals with the reuse of treated wastewater (TW) for irrigation purposes of selected crops, chosen according to the “project idea” of investigating plant species characterized by different vulnerability to chemical and microbiological contamination. Different TWs from urban, mixed urban-agro industrial and mixed urban-textile origins will be tested, according to the specificity of the Countries involved in this project.

Risultati e pubblicazioni

Ciofi L, Renai L, Rossini D, Ancillotti C, Falai A, Fibbi D, Bruzzoniti MC, Santana-Rodriguez JJ, Orlandini S, Del Bubba M. (2018) Applicability of the direct injection liquid chromatographic tandem mass spectrometric analytical approach to the sub-ngL(-1) determination of perfluoro-alkyl acids in waste, surface, ground and drinking water samples. Talanta 176 412-421 [DOI  PMID]

Rivoira, Luca, Castiglioni, Michele, Del Bubba, Massimo, Bruzzoniti, Maria Concetta (2018)
3D amperometry in the liquid chromatographic determination of trace pharmaceutical and herbicide emerging compounds.

L. Rivoira, M. Castiglioni, A. Kettab, N. Ouazzani, E. Al-Karablieh, N. Boujelben, D. Fibbi, E. Coppini, E. Giordani, M. Del Bubba, M.C. Bruzzoniti, “Impact of effluents from wastewater treatments reused for irrigation: strawberry as case study”, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal (2019), in press

M.C. Bruzzoniti, M. Castiglioni, A. El Ghadraoui, A. Ahmali, T. El Hakim El Mansour, L. Mandi, N. Ouazzani, M. Del Bubba, L. Rivoira, “Extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls from olive mill wastewaters and their mixtures with urban wastewaters along different reclamation system stages aimed at wastewater reuse for irrigation”, Journal of AOAC International (2019) in press

M.C. Bruzzoniti, M. Castiglioni, L. Rivoira, "Dalla città alla campagna: il riuso delle acque per un'agricoltura sostenibile", FRIDA (2019),

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