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Visiting Professors e Visiting Scientists

If you are a Visiting professor or scientist at the Department of Chemistry, please, fill in the form to be registered on our website.
If you want to ask information to be involved in the Department research activities, please, send an email to the International Office - Hub of Sciences of Nature.

Get to know the Visiting Professors hosted by the Department


Martin U. Schmidt

Martin U. Schmidt
Goethe University Frankfurt | Germany
Academic website
Research area: Crystal engineering; Crystal structure determination from powder diffraction data including method development; Investigation of the local structure of nanocrystalline and amorphous organic compounds by means of the analysis of the pair distribution function (PDF)
Host group: Magnetic Resonances - RM

Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt studied chemistry at the University RWTH Aachen in Germany. In 1994, he finished his PhD at RWTH on crystal structure prediction of organometallic molecular compounds. From 1995 to 2002 he worked in industry at the companies Hoechst and Clariant in Frankfurt/Germany, where he performed research on crystal engineering and
polymorphism studies of industrial organic pigments. In 2002 he became professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt. His main research interests are crystallography and crystal structure determination of nanocrystalline organic compounds by X-ray powder diffraction, especially on organic pigments and pharmaceuticals, including various method developments. His visit in Torino concerns the cooperation on combining X-ray powder diffraction (Frankfurt), solid-state NMR (Torino) and crystal structure prediction (Torino and Frankfurt) for the investigation of organic crystal structures.






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