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CHASS- Cu-CHA zeolite-based catalysts for the selective catalyticreduction of NOx in exhaust diesel gas: addressing theissue of Sulfur Stability

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€ 1093793.04
01/06/2021 - 31/05/2025
Gloria Berlier

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We aim at building a scientific network to address the selective catalytic reduction of NOx in exhaust gas of diesel vehicles based on Cu-zeolite catalysts, which is the basis of the current technology implemented in diesel exhaust systems all over the world to meet the emission requirements imposed by law. These catalysts deactivate, i.e. the performance deteriorates with time, due to the high temperatures in the exhaust systems and the impact of the exhaust gas on the structure of the catalyst material.A notorious problem is the sensitivity of Cu-zeolites to the small amounts of SO2 that usually are present in a diesel exhaust gas, which limits their applicability an may also cause malfunction of an exhaust system.
The goal of the network is to develop a fundamental molecular-level understanding of the processes that lead to the deterioration of the catalysts in general, with an enhanced focus on the impact of SO2, and to implement this knowledge in the development of improved materials for application in exhaust systems.


Bando di ricerca: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020
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